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Maidstone Coach Hire

If you want to parachute, go for a light aircraft flight or helicopter tour, Maidstone is just the place to be. It has a beautiful countryside where you and your loved ones can create the most exciting and creative experiences. The lovely orchards, wildflowers and bluebells in the woods blossom during spring create panoramic views. If you are a fan of mountain climbing, visit the Go-Ape for high climbs through the canopy. There are also zip wires for action-packed zip-lining. For the modern tourist, a Segway ride graces the tour. Visit Leeds Castle for cross country runs and tours using the gadgets. The instructors offer training for first time Segway users. Coach hire Maidstone professionals highlight will take you to some of the places you should explore when visiting the town.

Maidstone Museum

The gallery is located in Chillington Manor, an Elizabethan manor house. It was established in 1858 and is home to more than 660,000 artefacts and specimen. Initially, it was called the Charles Museum after Dr Thomas Chrales of Maidstone left his library, antiques and art collection here. Later, it was renamed Maidstone Museum. Here, you will view a variety of internationally recognised collections, including the Japanese Decorative Arts, the Ancient Egypt Archeology and Costume like the 2,700-year-old Egyptian mummy. You will also find woodblock prints created by the famous woodblock masters of the Edo period. There are also interactive displays where tourists can choose exciting trails and travel back in time to explore the legends and myths, explaining each of the collections.

A View of the Sutton Valence Castle

The castle was constructed in the 12th century. Sutton valence Castle comprises a massive ruin of the larger castle that had a barbican, an inner and outer bailey. Baldwin de Bethune, the Norman Count of Aumale is believed to have constructed the castle, which was a residence of important lords and earls for more than 150 years. The castle was frequently passed on to the lords through marriage. However, in 1238, it was confiscated after the sixth Earl of Leicester, Simon de Montfort, was killed at the Battle of Evesham. Henry 3 bestowed the castle to his half-brother William de Valence as recompense for supporting him during the rebellion. As a result, the immediate village of Sutton was renamed to Sutton Valence, and William's family lived here until 1315.

Headcorn Aerodrome

It is a great tourist attraction if you are visiting with family. History shows that it is one of the few remaining grass strip airfields in Kent and offers lots of fun activities for visitors flying using helicopters, parachutes and Spitfires. Visitors are not charged for entry but pay for the different activities they undertake. If you don't like heights, you can take a pleasure flight on a light aircraft that carries four people, including the pilot. Other places to explore when visiting Headcorn Aerodrome include Camber Sands, Dover Dock, Leeds Castle and Bodiam Castle, among other places.

White Horse Wood Country Park

For nature lovers, the White Horse Country Park is the place to be. It is located within Kent Downs area and boasts an incredibly beautiful countryside. You get to explore the medieval ruins of Thurnham Castle and traces of the Iron Age settlement. The site is home to more than 20,000 trees, including the oak, silver birch, ash, crabapple and the wild cherry, among others. There is also a vast area of open grassland sitting on five hectares of land.

Visit the Beautiful Vineyards

Maidstone soils mimic those in the Champagne regions of France, which enables it to produce some of the finest grapes. You can visit Chapel Down Vineyard and the award-winning Bidden vineyard that is renowned for producing the best wine in Kent since 1960. For the wineries, explore Hush Heath Winery located near Staplehurst. This winery is famous for producing Balfour Brut Rose, which won the 2010 vintage Decanter Gold Award.

Why you should Engage Coach Hire Maidstone when Visiting

A trip to Maidstone becomes more exciting and memorable when you are in the company of friends and loved ones. However, travelling in large groups can get tasking, making it necessary to engage a reliable means of transportation. Coach hire makes travelling easy especially if you are planning to visit several attractions within the town. Here are more reasons you should hire a coach from the company when visiting:

Larger Capacity

Naturally, coaches have a higher capacity than smaller vehicles, which makes it easier to carry everybody as one large group. With smaller vehicles, however, you are compelled to hire several small minibuses or other types of car to visit the sites. As a result, you and your friends spend a lot of cash on transportation.

Fitted with Amenities

Luxury coach hire Maidstone vehicles come with essential amenities like toilets, infotainment and navigation systems, as well as air conditioning. The seats have a reclining feature that enhances comfort so that travellers can rest during trips. As such, travellers are confident of less stressful excursions. Some companies offer guides or security personnel upon request. The guides come in handy if you want to visit many places. Such services are not available when using a small car for travel.

Arrive in Time

Coach hire in the busy town of Maidstone makes a great way to avoid traffic in the city. The coaches will pick you up from the hotel and drop you off at the desired location, which allows you and your friends to explore as many places. Coach hire Maidstone drivers are keen to arrive a few minutes before the agreed time, so you will not be stranded after a long day of exploration. If you and your friends reside in different places, alert the driver beforehand so that he can drop you off accordingly.

An Eco-friendly means of Transportation

The modern traveller has become incredibly eco-conscious. Coach travel is an excellent way of reducing carbon emissions to the environment, which is unlike travelling in several small vehicles. Coaches also save on the fuel used during travel.

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